The Mackeys

Sunday, July 19, 2009

No More Running Away

We picked up Charlie and Sarah from camp. They had a blast! In fact, Sarah was crying that it was time to leave and asked to stay two weeks next year. Allison, for one, was glad to have her siblings back.

It was a 3-hour drive home. When we reached our street:

Allison: OK, new rule for the summer: no one can run away from me anymore.

Me: What do you mean?

Allison: No more running away from me.

Me: Who ran away from you?

Allison: Well, Charlie and Sarah just ran away to camp, and before that, well I guess I ran away to Gran Gran's. And before that you ran to Africa. So I just want us all to stay together now.

Get a Job

David: Mommy, when I'm a grown up, are you going to give me money?

Me: No. You'll have to get a job.

David: Oh! And they give you money?

Me: Yes. You find something you're good at and you like to do, and get someone to pay you to do it.

Allison: I know how I'm going to earn money: singing. Because it's fun, and I can hit the high notes.

David: I'm going to sing too.


We were talking about our next vacation, to Boston.

David: Are we driving to Boston or flying?

Me: Driving.

David: Oh, too bad. I like airplanes because I like the fluff on top of the clouds.

Little Mama

Allison and David suggested a family walk after dinner. David asked if we could bring the dogs, so we did. Allison brought her twin dolls in a double jog stroller, with a blanket wrapped around them, and she brought her purse.

At one point, I started singing something silly to her.

Allison: Can you please sing quieter? My babies are sleeping.

Me, later: Are your babies still asleep?

Allison: Yes. I think they're down for the night. I hope they are. I want them to get a good night's sleep.

Deep Thoughts ... Or Not So Much

Allison, lounging on my bed one morning while I got ready for work: Mommy, what's your favorite thing in life to do? I mean, what's your favorite color?

When I Grow Up

Allison: Guess what I want to be when I grow up?

I made several guesses, all of which she said were wrong.

A: Want me to just tell you?

Me: Yes.

A: A doctor, a singer, an ice skater, and I may want to try to be President.

David: Know what I want to be? A hockey player, a baseball player, a football player, a soccer player, a basketball player, a hockey player, a golf player, and a croquet player.

Missing Our Campers

When we dropped Charlie and Sarah off at camp, the car seemed empty on the drive home.

At one point, David asked who was singing the song on the radio.

Daddy: I don't know, David.

David: If Charlie were here, he'd know.


Later on the drive...

Allison: Where are Charlie and Sarah?

Me: At camp. Remember?

Allison: Oh yeah, I forgot.


Arriving at home ...

David: Where's Charlie?

Me: He's at camp.

David: Oh yeah, I forgot.

Allison, moaning: I miss Charlie.

David: I don't really miss him. Because Charlie gave me his heart.

Should Have Seen This Coming

We were listening to country music on the car radio.

Allison: Mommy, what does "sexy" mean?

Me: Uh, it means pretty. In sort of a grown-up way.

David: Mommy, you're sexy.

Jerry Garcia Would Sing Bass

In the car on the way to camp, we spoke to some family members on the phone.

Sarah: Uncle's voice sounded deeper on the phone.

Me: Oh really?

Sarah: Yeah. Maybe it was just the phone. Phones can do that, you know.

Me: Mmmh.

Sarah: Or maybe he grew a moustache. That could do it too.

Me, laughing: No it couldn't.

Sarah: Really it couldn't? I thought it did.


We had lunch in Applebee's on the way to take Charlie and Sarah to camp. Allison and I walked through the restaurant on our way to the restroom. She glanced up at one of the TVs and said, "Eww. What is that DIRTY show that's on the TV?"

I looked up quickly, ready to shield her, thinking about all the grown-up ads that play during sports shows, then answered, "Oh, that's monster truck racing."

Red State or Blue State

David, in a moment of rebellion: When I grow up, I'm going to drink Pepsi.

Me, annoyed, but trying not to be: David, you know that all the money we have to do everything with comes from Coke.

David: Yeah, but I'm still going to drink Pepsi.

Me: Well, I guess you can decide that.

There was a moment of silence while he thought about that.

David, contrite: Actually, I am going to drink Coke.

Me, not won over: You can decide that too.

David: I'm cheering for Coke and Coke Zero.

Me: Fine.

David, still working to get in good graces: Because Pepsi's not good for your body. If you drink Pepsi, you turn into a chicken.

He totally had me. Me, laughing: You would not turn into a chicken!

Old Friends

Our friend Jeff came to town, so the Dolans had the old gang over for a pool party. (Tom is David's Godfather). We all knew each other from the Young Adults group at the church in the early '90s.

Top row: Jeff, Tracey, Bryant
Front row: Kate, Tom, Cindy, Eric, Joanna, Steve, Paul, Pam

The next generation. Some of the older kids were missing/at camp, but here are the younguns. Everyone had a lot of fun, and for once there were plenty of BOYS for Charlie to play with. The got a big ball game going so everyone was happy.

Pretty Young Thing

At the hair salon, Sarah saw a copy of TV Guide with a big picture of Farrah Fawcett on the cover from her Charlie's Angels days.

That's Michael Jackson??

Me, laughing: No! That's Farrah Fawcett.

S, pointing to the text at the top of the magazine: Well, it says "Farewell Michael Jackson."

Me: Yeah, but that's a white woman and Michael Jackson was a black man.

S: Well, he had plastic surgery to look like a woman, and to make his skin white. And he sings like a woman.

Me: Well, OK. But that's Farrah Fawcett.

Tough Guys Pray Too

We were saying grace before the meal, and after the usual blessing, David asked if he could add on, and spoke from the heart.

Me: Thank you, David, that was lovely.

Allison: Can I add on too? (She did.)

Me: Beautiful, Allison.

David: Hey, how come you said, 'Beautiful, Allison,' but you didn't say 'Beautiful, David'?

Me: Oh, David, your prayer was beautiful too.

D: No, mine wasn't beautiful, mine was

Bored Game

Allison, during a loooong game of Monopoly that we started and stopped several times over the course of four days: I just don't see how this is supposed to be fun.